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Making the move

Posted in General Raiding, Uncategorized with tags , , , , , on April 27, 2010 by Masscis

I think I’ve made it pretty clear in past post that I wasn’t real happy with my raid situation. After FBI tanked, I moved to AA where me and a group from FBI formed their 2nd 25 man raid. In the beginning, things were good. We downed Festergut and Rotface then council. After a few weeks Professor went down. Blood queen followed shortly there after in 10 man. That’s where it stopped though. No more progression, hell we weren’t even trying to progress any more. More than half of the group was original AA alts, who were there just to get gear. They had no interest in wiping over and over on bosses they’ve already downed.

Thankfully, my raiding issue has been resolved thanks to Matticus. I have moved over to the Ner’zhul server and joined Conquest. While I’ve only been in the guild for 3 days, I’ve already gotten a shot at 10 man Arthas and 25 man Sindy. So far, I love this guild. Matticus has created a super professional and streamlined approach to raiding. The raids last 3 hours and somehow they manage to get more attempts on a boss in that time than I ever have in 5 hours of raiding. Extremely impressive.

The down side to all of this…I feel like I’m under a microscope, even though I probably shouldn’t. It’s just such a different situation than what I’m used to. While in FBI, I was THE tank, now I’m that new guy. I went from being the backbone of a guild to being an unknown. I was a loud mouth, shouting orders now I’m being asked to speak up in vent. It’s not all bad though, while it may only feel like I’m being judged by conquest, I’m really judging myself. I’m working harder, really monitoring the raid, my situational awareness and the abilities I use.

As far as the future goes, I’m working hard to get my mage up to level 80 because that’s what the guild needs right now. I think I’ve impressed enough to at least get a hard look at tanking the Sunday 10 man and even filling in for an absent tank in 25 until the mage is ready. Not much will change here on the blog, I’ll keep it a warrior/tank/raiding deal and try to get a more constant update schedule going. I’m actually fighting a post about AOE tanking now, I’ve re-written it 3 times already. At this point, it may make it live just after Cataclysm releases…


Go Laugh You @$$ off

Posted in Uncategorized on March 1, 2010 by Masscis

Maybe it’s just me but this guy is hysterical.

His last 3 post have had me literally rolling on the floor laughing.

Check ’em out.

  1. And Susan got Mad Vol 1
  2. And Susan got Mad Vol 2
  3. And Susan got Mad Vol 3

IDK, maybe it’s because I’m married or it maybe because I have the very same thought processes as GM Dave describes but I think it’s at least worth a read. Very funny guy…I wish my writing was half as witty as his. GG GM Dave.

Edit: His wife getting mad at him is his “theme week”. So if you liked these post, he’ll have 4 more coming.

The inspiration

Posted in Uncategorized on October 15, 2009 by Masscis

The other day I watched the video below of Xav from Premonition tanking 4 adds on the world 3rd Anub’ Arak kill. He is crazy in this video, barely getting hit. Xav dodges, blocks or parries almost every single hit. This has inspired me to look into the way I tank and my gear to try to become a better more valuable tank for my guild.

Check out Premonition’s world 3rd kill on Anub