Gold making tip

Greedy Goblin put a post up about the LFG tool. Tonight, I decided to try it out. I made a macro:

/2 Tired of long ques? 3000 Gear Score tank here. I’ll group and tank the random for a small fee. PST for details.

/1 Tired of long ques? 3000 Gear Score tank here. I’ll group and tank the random for a small fee. PST for details.

Went to the Jewelcrafting trainer in Dalaran. Picked up the daily. Hit the macro 1 time. Not more than 10 seconds later a guy sent me a tell, asking “what is the fee?” 50G I replied. He said “I’ll take 2 randoms” We grouped got UK then DTK. He paid 100 G before the first run started. After the runs we went our separate ways.

Dropped group, porting back to Dalaran. Hit the macro again, started flying to Howling Fjord for a proto-drake bone and got another tell. Another random was bought. All in all, I made 150 gold from fees, got a few pieces of frostweave, 2 frozen orbs which go for 8-15G a piece on my server, a blue shard and finished my JC daily in less than 1 hour.

Awesome tip Gevlon, thanks…

Edit: I didn’t even consider the ~15 badges I got. That’ll buy a crusader orb which goes for around 200G on my server. Considering the average heroic takes around 15 minutes, that puts this new business at over 600 gold per hour. I bet I would have none stop customers on a Saturday also.

Edit2: Ok, because I was tired or something…the GPH is off. #1 a crusader orb cost 15 badges not 10. #2 realistically you’ll only be able to do heroics per hour. That puts the GPH at over 350, still not bad.


2 Responses to “Gold making tip”

  1. Thats awesome ..when my baby tank hits 80 I might have to do the same thing 🙂

    On a side note.. I woulda thaught with the way people are these days and their overexpectations of tank gear score.. broadcasting ONLY 3000 would get you mad flames 🙂

  2. I guess it depends on which gear score we’re talking about. Most on my server refer to for gear score. My heroes gear score is 3041, making me the 8th best geared prot warrior on server.

    If I were to spam my gear score from my add-on, which is around 6500, I would expect flames along the lines of “LOL, that gear score is impossible”.

    I guess it would depend on you server’s idea of which gear score is the correct one. Or you could change it up to just say, “top 10 gear score” or something to that effect.

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