The Burn

My typical “wow” night starts off with me logging into my bank alt. I collect the gold from the previous days auctions, returned items and new stuff to auction sent from my various toons. Then I start a full AH scan using my AH addon. At this point I usually pull up the net and read some blogs or watch a movie of a boss kill or something until the scan is finished. I post whatever new auctions need to go up and buy some gems to cut if the price is low enough.

Then, I log over to Mandalus. I pick up the JC daily and knock it out real quick. At this point, I either choose to tank or dps a random for the frost badges. If I feel like getting on my alts as quick as possible or I’ve got a raid coming up, I tank. If not, I pick up the fishing daily and que for the random while completing that daily.

Before the LFG tool came out, the decision was whether or not I felt like doing the fishing daily. Now though, it seems more and more, the decision is “do I feel like tanking”. I like leveling my mage because it feels like that’s what a video game should be. Mindless repetition, blowing off steam….killing shit. When I tank, I have to be ontop of my game for the most part. Mostly because of M&S DPS that can’t follow my lead.

I am fully capable of leading a group. I don’t really like to but I can and have done it successfully. In my guild, I’m one of those elite ranks….not quite an officer/raid leader but more than just an average raider. My GM wants to make me an officer. The problem with that is that I would pretty much be pushed into raid leading on a weekly basis. I don’t want to. I do enough leading just tanking.

Deathwhisper is a perfect example. I like to LOS pull the trash in her room. Yeah, that usually takes about 5 minutes to get everyone from in front the door to stack on the Star or whatever icon I have on my head at the time. Really, how hard is it to just stand here and let me bring the trash to you? Why do I have to ask 10 times to get everyone where they should be?

This is it for me, this is what’s going to burn me out from tanking…As it is, I don’t want to lead, so when I step up and do take control of the situation…please follow me. It’s not that hard.

It’s not just the raids, the random pugs are worse. I usually just mark a skull on your first target to kill. Kill that one first, by the time it dead, I’ll have solid threat built on everything else and you can pick whatever you want to kill. Yet these boneheads will just randomly pick a target and blast away. Hunters won’t MD, mages won’t ice block….whatever, from now on you die if you pull something before skull is dead.

When I’m DPS, I don’t notice the idiots. I don’t. I don’t have to deal with them, I just hit the ability that heals me, then hit the one that spins me in circles and hit the one with a cast bar when my addon tells me to. Oh and HS over 50 rage. That’s my dps rotation. That’s all I think about….target skull>heal thingy>spin thingy>heal thingy>instant no cast thingy>cramp your finger thingy>start from beginning. On a boss I do the same but add in the 2 that make me do big recount numbers….

Tanking is more like, ok where’s the caster…mark skull….wait the hunters got his mark on “not skull” ok, switch skull to where hunters mark is. Charge skull>shield slam>switch to caster>heroic throw>TC when caster gets to range>intervene mage because he’s not hitting skull>target mage>cast vigilance>switch target to skull>taunt because hunter won’t feign death>shield slam>try to get everything in front of me and shockwave>TC>repeat until everything is dead>get whiskey>spill some trying to get back before rogue pulls the next group>get yelled at if someone dies….

I really can’t decide if tanking is worth putting up with this shit. Don’t get me wrong, tanking is fun and what I want to do when everyone in the group is working together. Trust me mr. 10k dps….I’ll vote to kick you in a heartbeat if you can’t follow suit. I have no problems with a guy learning his toon, doing 1.5k dps and doing what he’s supposed to. I’d much rather have him over the L337 DPS that hits everything but skull guy.

Hopefully we’ll have some new bosses to take out in Icecrown tomorrow and invigorate me a bit. Otherwise I may change the name of this blog to Ice Block and start writing about mages….or just wait for Star Wars

What about it? Are you an ex-tank? A current tank getting burnt out? We’ve had tanks just vanish without a word, another who one day just said he wasn’t tanking anymore. He went ret and ended up totally shelving the Pally for a warlock.


4 Responses to “The Burn”

  1. Fumetsuka Says:

    I know exactly what you’re talking about. It’s gotten to the point i hate running Random Dungeon Finder as a tank, i dont mind it if someone is under geared and trying to play his/her class but those who are in full TOGC25 gear runs in, pulls entire instance while tanking tanking a group then blames me for his death i wont run it with him. I’d rather tank with guildies than randoms.

  2. TriangleUndone Says:

    As a primary paladin dps, I find that thanks to the LFG system I have become more inclined to tank. Perhaps it’s because I enjoy it because it is something new, but I find myself reinvigorated. Before as a “dumb dps”(Guild leader is quite eloquent I assure you) I was going through what you are, but now as I polish the little things in a tank’s life I find that playing a tank is by far more intense(and convenient, I finished my cooking , tourney, hodir dailies, a mining run in Sholozar, and rearranging the guild bank before I got into a group as dps.) Perhaps it is because it keeps me on my toes, who can say?

  3. I’ve only recently started tanking but I already understand where you’re coming from. In Heroics I’ve given up on trying to LOS pull anything unless I think it’s really necessary (If I think I might pull additional mobs I just hover over shield wall and hope we can burn through it all). I’ve also started doing the reverse of what good DPS should do, I now focus the worst offender for attacking the wrong so using target of target I can make sure I’ve always attacking what he is attacking. It’s especially annoying when you have two good DPS who work well but one bad DPS who can often ruin a whole run and cause major problems.

    Still until I get my hands on a good 2H I’m stuck with tanking only on my warrior which apart from my raiding rogue is all I feel like playing at the moment, but I am looking forward to experiencing warrior DPS (but not the DPS queue lengths)

  4. Man, tanks must all have the same mentality, because I know exactly what you mean. My guild is comprised of mostly RL friends and we run two ICC 10 raids on the weekend, but I only lead the main one. It absolutely frustrates me when people don’t listen or dick around.

    Interestingly, I found that leveling up and tanking on a DK was a great way to take a break from having been a Warrior tank since Classic. I gave up even trying in 5 mans. I just pull fast and say nothing, and let the cards fall where they may.

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