I’ve read a lot of post about how to app to a guild or heard stories of horrible apps. In this post I will talk about the exact opposite. In FBI, I have access to read, approve and deny all applications to the guild. I normally only deny the really bad ones and if I see a real good one, I’ll inform the GM and let him handle it from there.

About a month ago, I logged onto my banker toon and began an AH scan. While the scan went on, I jumped to the guild website to read the aps. We had received one of the most outstanding aps I have seen yet. This Prot. Warrior filled the ap out to a T. I was really excited reading, I knew immediately we had found the one we had been looking for. We needed a tank/dps who could tank 10 mans and dps 25 mans. As long as this new ap was willing to split time like that, it was perfect.

I logged onto Mandalus and immediately KB, the GM, sent me a tell, telling to get on vent. I dropped into the officer’s channel. Immediately KB started talking about the new warrior ap. We discussed it for a minute before Peachh, who’s another tank and also a officer, dropped in. The new ap logged on a few minutes later and was pulled into officer chat.

We talked for an hour or so. I asked questions about his spec, gear, gemming and chanting choices. All were met with well-informed answers and I came away feeling this guy knows what he’s talking about.

Peachh and I have developed a good relationship and a mutual respect for each other. We’re also both clowns who constantly cut each other down…all in fun of course. The app quickly picked up on this and joined right in. I was very impressed, in most interviews the app is nervous and shy. We really got to see this guys personality and it was a perfect fit for our guild.

KB shot an invite, which was quickly accepted. /G Welcome! poured down the chat window. Then it came, KOTOR ROCKS!!! The apps name was Revanx. Revan of course is the sith master mind in the Knights of the Old Republic RPG. My personal favorite game of all time. Revanx and discussed KOTOR and clowned around a bit before it was off to a meeting to talk about how best to utilize our current tanks.

Peachh and I each main tanked a 10 man ToGC run. Mine rolled on Thurs. and his on Sunday. On Friday, we would both join up for 25 man ToC / ToGC along with 1 of the off-tanks from our 10 man runs. We decided to have Revan run with Peachh and I’d take one of the pally OTs on Thurs.

After talking with Peachh after his run. He had nothing but good to say about Revan. It seems as if we’ve finally gotten our tanking rotation down and just in time for ICC to drop. Everybody was pumped. The guild loved Revan and he certainly fit right in.

Then, he disappeared. He missed the Friday 25 mans. Then Sunday ToGC rolled around and Revan was a no-show. We scrambled and were able to get the runs off with other tanks. 3 weeks went by and still Revan had not logged in. He hadn’t quit the guild, just hadn’t logged in.

This past weekend, I see “Revanx has come online” pop up in the chat box. Immediately I “/G Revan…where the hell have you been?”

The reply I got was completely unexpected. “I am not Revanx. Just a friend of his. Does Revan have any RL friends in this guild?” We told the guy that we didn’t believe so and asked where Revan was. I was thinking “hacker” and was about to demote him or /gkick him to protect the guild bank.

The next line really threw me for a loop. “Well, I’m sorry to have to be the bearer of bad news but Revanx was killed in a car wreck 3 weeks ago. His mother asked me to log on to see if he had any RL friends here who need to know.”

Eddie….Revanx. A protection warrior. A proud member of Far Beyond Insanity. Was destined for greatness in wow or anything he attempted in life. He was smart, funny, clever, witty…He had a great head on his shoulders and would make anyone proud to call him a friend. He was killed by a drunk driver. He was 21. I dedicate this post to his memory. The world will darker place without you brother.

Please all, be safe this New Year….don’t drink and drive. The world can’t afford to lose any more great warriors, least we be overrun with paladins. (ok, I feel dirty for trying to make a joke in such a serious post.)

R.I.P. REVANX  10/11/88 – 12/11/09


11 Responses to “Fallen”

  1. Fumetsuka Says:

    It must suck to lose a friend, offline or online, to such a terrible event. I feel for you, i really, really do.

    Also, you said he was a bit of a clown, up there in tanking heaven, he probably laughed at that joke, dont feel bad about it.

  2. /salute Revanx

  3. […] is our last link of the day, but it’s the most important. Vigilance, a new warrior blog, honors the memory of a fallen guildmate. Rest well, Revanx. A word to the author, from me personally, is that you guys are not alone. Hang […]

  4. […] is our last link of the day, but it’s the most important. Vigilance, a new warrior blog, honors the memory of a fallen guildmate. Rest well, Revanx. A word to the author, from me personally, is that you guys are not alone. Hang […]

  5. Ronda Miller Says:

    RIP Revanx ……

    Netzach 80 Resto Druid, Ravencrest

  6. Donald aka Gransus (rogue-garrosh) Says:

    I just wanted to say that i feel your pain and to the family of Revanx they have my deepest regards and simpithy for i know what it means to loose someone close and the Lords of Lordaeron shall hold a moment of silence for him at our next meeting as we do for all that have such tragedies to hit home.

  7. At least you guys were able to be told what was up. I can only imagine how confused a guild could get if a member were to pass and never log on again 😦

    Best wishes to him and his family.

  8. Vingaddams Says:

    yea i had a good friend of mine in wow like this die about a year ago and his brother came on his char after about a month of him not being on and told me what happened it just blew me away

  9. I would like to thank Mandalus for leaving this post here, I just found out about it. I am not as good of a writing as Mandalus but I will do my best. I am the GM of FBI, Revanx was in the guild a short time before he had to say good bye. I got the honor to speak with him a few times and he was a great guy. He was funny, smart, and really seem like a good hearted person. He fit in with us instantly and we all were honored to have him. It is sad that he had to leave not only us but his family and friends do to morons in this world. He will always be in our hearts and thoughts and he will never be forgotten. R.I.P. Revanx.


  10. Yikes, that is truly tragic. What has it been with all of the death recently? 2 days after Thanksgiving I lost a friend, team-mate and guild-mate to a heart attack at age 33. When I found out I was devastated …

    My thoughts go out to the friends and family of RevanX.

  11. Like your blog 🙂 I’ll check your site later again.

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