Tank Experiment: Update

Just a short update on my experiment. I LOVE THE DK. I haven’t tanked on her yet but I did dps ramps….400dps vs 200 for the second place spot. I’m leveling her as un-holy right now and she totally fits the archetype of RPG characters I like. In most RPGs where I can customize my characters abilities, ie; oblivion, KotOR…I choose a warrior type and beef up something like fireball or in the case of KotOR, force lightning. With Death Coil, I have that built-in fire-ball. Something starts to run…death coil and it drops. Plus I get to yell “GET OVER HERE” ever time I death grip something….I know you do it too, stop judging me. I don’t have un-holy presence yet, but all the dots and AOE from un-holy plus blood presence means, I never have to stop to eat even after battling 4-5 mobs. I wasted an entire weekend with her doing BGs. That was some fun, foes just melting under my axe. I can definitely see why people complain about DKs. I am an unstoppable killing machine. I did gain a level in AB, but I think as a leveling tool, questing is much better still.

 Since 3.3 has dropped, I haven’t had as much time with her as I’d like and she’s just dinged level 61. The leveling seems to go fast and I fully expect to have her at least to northrend within a week or 2.

I re-made the paladin and he still sits at level 1, mostly because I’m loving the DK so much. He’ll be the first toon I pick up when I tire of the DK.

I did get the druid to 30 (or close to it). Same ole, same ole. Nothing really new here, still a killing machine in cat form but pretty fun to play but I have spent more time on him than the other classes so far. I’m going to give him a break, get the DK to northrend and catch the pally up before I continue with any leveling here.

In the coming weeks, now that we have the new LFG tool out, I plan to tank some level appropriate dungeons on each toon. Test the waters a bit, I guess. I’ll give updates as the runs happen.

That’s about all I have to report. I would like to thank Shawndra for her interest in the project. I’ll try to keep some short updates rolling in. Be on the look out for a posting coming up that will probably get me banned from the blogging world….hint: I bash christmas…


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  1. carlton banks Says:

    Cool Story!

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