This infuriates me

I’m pumped for Icecrown. I’m so tired of ToC / ToGC that I could scream every time I see it on the calendar. Tarsus knows what I’m saying. We need Icecrown now and by all reports from, it’s coming today.

That’s not what is making me mad though. Read some of the comments in this post. I’m a hardcore gamer…notice I say gamer, not raider. I play all games with the same hardcore, I want to completely dominate this thing mindset.

Zelda, I beat it in an hour. Fresh character to downing Ganon in 1 hour. I would have the white sword before I went in the first dungeon.

I never finished Oblivion because I min/max’d my fireball slinging warrior so thoroughly that nothing could kill me, the game actually became quite boring.

I beat Contra without the Konami Code. Yep, just 3 lives and I didn’t need them all.

I played and was ranked in Chess, Age of Empires and was captain of a Halo team that traveled to tournaments, put on tournaments and was ranked in 40’s (50 max level) on the MLG play list.

In Wow, my guild is ranked in the top 5,000 (at the time of this post) in the world. I’ve got my Ulduar 310% drake. We’re 3/5 in 25 ToGC.

The reason for the diatribe on my gaming history is to show, I am a hardcore gamer. I am competitive to the max. It’s not just in gaming, it’s in everything I do. I’m one of the best in my field. I was selected All-State from my soccer team in high school. We only won 3 games that year. I am still the only person to receive such honors and come from a team with a losing record.

I also have a job in which I put in 45 to 50 hours a week. I have a wife and 2 kids…4 and 5 years old. I do not have time in my day to play video games “18 hours a day”. I have set nights that I raid and I am extremely lucky to have such a wonderful and beautiful wife that “takes care of things” on my raid nights. My raid schedule at the moment; Tuesday 10 TOC, 10 Ony, 25 TOC, 25 Ony. We run 5 groups for 10 mans then combine into 1 25 man for Tuesday night. We begin at 7:30 and we’re done by 10. Thursday or Sunday 10 ToGC – we run 2 10 man ToGC raids. I usually lead the Thursday night raid, it begins at 8 and we’re done at 11 or 11:30. Friday night is ToGC 25 man. We spend from 8 to 11:30 getting our hacks in there.

8.5 to 10 hours a week raiding…that’s it. That’s all I do. Now explain to me why the commenters in this post seem to think that “hardcore” means raiding 18 hours a day?

The post itself is news most already know. In the comments hardcore raiders show up to bash the gated content. My stance on the gated content….it’s gay. It truly is Blizzard’s attempt to keep the hardcore raiders accounts active before Cataclysm releases. It happens every patch, hardcore go in, finish raid, cancel account until new content releases. Blizzard doesn’t like this because they lose money. Answer: “let’s not let them finish it for a while”. They can’t make the content too hard, then casuals won’t ever complete it. I don’t like it but it doesn’t affect me, I have yet to cancel my account even in the mist of the boring TOC raids we’ve been dealing with.

The subject of the article is not what’s got me angered though. It’s the idiot casuals in the comments. They’ve down rated every single hard core poster in the comments and are sighting things such as, you play 18 hours a day or it’s only fair because it lets less skilled guilds compete to clear content at the same rate as uber guilds….wait WTF? If you’re fucking less skilled, you don’t deserve to clear at the same rate as someone more skilled. You don’t, you’re not as good as them…that’s it, end of discussion.

In sport, if you lose, you go home you work harder than you did in hopes of winning next time. In raiding, it’s no different. When a hardcore gets his ass kicked in a raid, he looks at his gear, gems, enchants, etc. and sees if there’s room for improvement. Then he looks for new strats online, he watches videos of encounters, examines recount, WWS, etc. Apparently when a casual gets his ass kicked in a raid, he goes to the forums to bitch and complain about the raids being too hard. And complains hardcore raiders are making him look bad. Did I get this right?

My guild has casuals as well as hard core raiders. In my experience, the casuals log way more hours than the hard core raiders do. They have to, to complete all the holiday achievements or to make gold to get their 1,000 mounts or whatever it is.


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  1. Evangaline Says:

    I like how when you talked about your wife you used quotes around “takes care of things” lol sounds really pervy dude. Although your wife is really hot, I would def. hit that…twice.

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