Tank Experiment: Meet the tanks

There’s 2 things I’ve learned since I began my wow career…ok more than 2 but 2 main reoccurring themes involving tanks.

  1. When a paladin talks about tanking and the spells he uses, I feel that he is talking in a foreign language. I understand Bears a bit better but DKs not having a shield is mind boggling.
  2. People argue a lot over what class is the best for tanking.

My answer to these issues are to do a study to put these issues to rest once and for all. That’s right, I’m leveling all of the tanking classes to the cap and plan to take a spin on each to see if I can learn a few things about how other tanks do business. Also, who knows, I may end up with a new main before it’s all said and done.


The Warrior

Mandalus is my warrior and 1 and only level 80 character. I have all of my raid experience logged on him and he has been prot from the get go.

The Death Knight

Mandylus has been around for a few months. I created her as a joke, one of my guildmates calls me Mandy all the time thinking it gets on my nerves. She is at level 58 and sitting in Outlands ATM.

The Druid

The druid, Mandabar, has been around for a few weeks and is level 26. He came about when I got the bright idea that I wanted the Insane title on Mandalus. I created a rogue to do the pickpocketing which I’m bored to death with now. Since I had all the leather BOA gear for him, I passed it to Mandabar and have been having a blast in Cat form, which is wierd because it’s just like playing a rogue….

The toon I never thought I'd create....Paladin

ATM, his name is Mandalite but after seeing the Shaqtus commercial last night during the Saints butt kicking of the Pats (WHO DAT BABY…WOOT!!!!). He will be renamed to Shaqtus, what a perfect name for an avoidance tank…I could /yell no-one touches the Shaqtus the entire raid, I wonder if they’d boot me.


So far I, of course, love the warrior. He will probably play a major roll, in some form or another, the rest of my wow career.

The DK is pretty fun to play. A lot of AOE and neat little abilities. The Runes get on my nerves a bit but so did rage when leveling the warrior, I’m guessing it’ll be better in a raid environment. Prediction: I will probably enjoy duel wield tanking but I haven’t read up on it to see if it’s viable again. The DK just feels like a dps class and not an epic tank at the moment.

So far, every raid tier I’ve had a piece of gear that just wouldn’t drop. Naxx and Uld. it was shields. Never could get a good one. I still remember tanking The General in 25 man with the Skull of Ruin. Druid feels like a warrior so far but at end game will have twice the HP and no shield drops to worry about. Sounds like a positive to me. Getting through the 20’s as bear was rough, I felt like I was a level 1 warrior with just Heroic Strike the entire time. With Cat now, it’s much more fun to play. I think out of all the toons, Druid will get to 80 first simply because I can go bear if I get bored with cat. Caster if I’m tired of melee or just go heal a dungeon. I would feel sorry for the party that I join to heal but that’s on them.

If I could pick one toon that has the best chance of not making 80….Palladin. Shaqtus is now 6th level and has no, zero, ziltch….not a damn offensive attack. Let me break down a 6th level paladin for you, go all judgemental with the light shit, get a coke….rinse repeat. Really, I though judgement of light or what ever it’s called was an offensive spell. It’s not, it’s a healing thing. The only way to do damage to a mob ATM is autoattack. I’m bored already and haven’t even gotten 10 on him yet. He’s lucky he’s got a badass LSU alum’s name or I’d can him now. That’s right, LSU fan / Saints fan…must be a Louisiana boy.


2 Responses to “Tank Experiment: Meet the tanks”

  1. DW Tanking is quite viable, it actually does more threat than the respectable 2H spec. (with similar weapons, mind you). Especially with the new Stoneskin Gargoyle 1h Rune in 3.3 it is completely viable to do so.

    As for the Runes, yes they can be a bitch. It just takes a bit of time to get used to the system in my opinion.

  2. Nice web site man, picked up some nuggets here…can’t wait for Cataclysm, I found a rumor that it’s going to be released Nov 2010, however with Blizzard you can never tell :/

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