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I’ve read a lot of post about how to app to a guild or heard stories of horrible apps. In this post I will talk about the exact opposite. In FBI, I have access to read, approve and deny all applications to the guild. I normally only deny the really bad ones and if I see a real good one, I’ll inform the GM and let him handle it from there.

About a month ago, I logged onto my banker toon and began an AH scan. While the scan went on, I jumped to the guild website to read the aps. We had received one of the most outstanding aps I have seen yet. This Prot. Warrior filled the ap out to a T. I was really excited reading, I knew immediately we had found the one we had been looking for. We needed a tank/dps who could tank 10 mans and dps 25 mans. As long as this new ap was willing to split time like that, it was perfect.

I logged onto Mandalus and immediately KB, the GM, sent me a tell, telling to get on vent. I dropped into the officer’s channel. Immediately KB started talking about the new warrior ap. We discussed it for a minute before Peachh, who’s another tank and also a officer, dropped in. The new ap logged on a few minutes later and was pulled into officer chat.

We talked for an hour or so. I asked questions about his spec, gear, gemming and chanting choices. All were met with well-informed answers and I came away feeling this guy knows what he’s talking about.

Peachh and I have developed a good relationship and a mutual respect for each other. We’re also both clowns who constantly cut each other down…all in fun of course. The app quickly picked up on this and joined right in. I was very impressed, in most interviews the app is nervous and shy. We really got to see this guys personality and it was a perfect fit for our guild.

KB shot an invite, which was quickly accepted. /G Welcome! poured down the chat window. Then it came, KOTOR ROCKS!!! The apps name was Revanx. Revan of course is the sith master mind in the Knights of the Old Republic RPG. My personal favorite game of all time. Revanx and discussed KOTOR and clowned around a bit before it was off to a meeting to talk about how best to utilize our current tanks.

Peachh and I each main tanked a 10 man ToGC run. Mine rolled on Thurs. and his on Sunday. On Friday, we would both join up for 25 man ToC / ToGC along with 1 of the off-tanks from our 10 man runs. We decided to have Revan run with Peachh and I’d take one of the pally OTs on Thurs.

After talking with Peachh after his run. He had nothing but good to say about Revan. It seems as if we’ve finally gotten our tanking rotation down and just in time for ICC to drop. Everybody was pumped. The guild loved Revan and he certainly fit right in.

Then, he disappeared. He missed the Friday 25 mans. Then Sunday ToGC rolled around and Revan was a no-show. We scrambled and were able to get the runs off with other tanks. 3 weeks went by and still Revan had not logged in. He hadn’t quit the guild, just hadn’t logged in.

This past weekend, I see “Revanx has come online” pop up in the chat box. Immediately I “/G Revan…where the hell have you been?”

The reply I got was completely unexpected. “I am not Revanx. Just a friend of his. Does Revan have any RL friends in this guild?” We told the guy that we didn’t believe so and asked where Revan was. I was thinking “hacker” and was about to demote him or /gkick him to protect the guild bank.

The next line really threw me for a loop. “Well, I’m sorry to have to be the bearer of bad news but Revanx was killed in a car wreck 3 weeks ago. His mother asked me to log on to see if he had any RL friends here who need to know.”

Eddie….Revanx. A protection warrior. A proud member of Far Beyond Insanity. Was destined for greatness in wow or anything he attempted in life. He was smart, funny, clever, witty…He had a great head on his shoulders and would make anyone proud to call him a friend. He was killed by a drunk driver. He was 21. I dedicate this post to his memory. The world will darker place without you brother.

Please all, be safe this New Year….don’t drink and drive. The world can’t afford to lose any more great warriors, least we be overrun with paladins. (ok, I feel dirty for trying to make a joke in such a serious post.)

R.I.P. REVANX  10/11/88 – 12/11/09


The lights are up

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*DISCLAIMER – This post will have little to do with World of Warcraft. If you are sensitive to religious discussion, you probably don’t want to read this post.*

First, I’ll start off with the reasons for this post. My children go to pre-school at a Methodist Church. Last weekend during the Sunday Mass, they had to get up and sing some Christmas songs. As I walked in the door I received a pamphlet that informed me “The meaning of Christmas.” It was a great read, really. I love to study religion so I watched as my kids sang and read this pamphlet, totally ignoring the preacher doing his thing. I was raised Catholic and was forced to go to church as a child, so all this pageantry and ceremony are old hat to me. In this pamphlet, it talked about the colors of Christmas and what they mean.

White is apparently the color of glory. The color of the “lord”. It is pure and great.

Gold is the color that shows greatness and power. Gold is associated with the “lord” because he is great and powerful.

I no longer have the pamphlet in front of me and don’t remember what green means. I’m sure it has something to do with how god created life though.

Red symbolized the blood of Jesus Christ and his “sacrifice” to us for our sins…
Red is really what spurred this whole post on, my daughter came home from school the other day with a candy cane. She informed me that the red on the candy cane was the blood of Jesus.

Lets get something straight, Christmas is a PAGAN holiday. It is widely accepted by science that the man Jesus was born in June (or mid-summer). Christmas is not his birthday. Christmas is a celebration of the winter solstice. All the traditions point to one thing, surviving the winter. It’s all about lifting the spirits of the people while the land around them is dead or dormant. In modern day, if there was no Christmas, the suicide rates would sky rocket. I’m not sure where the idea of gift giving came from but what I’ve sited so far is enough for me to know the Christians are full of shit.

To the Pagans, white is the snow. Red is blood, but it’s the blood of the animals they sacrificed to their gods. Gold does indeed mean power. The pagans were no different, the more gold you had, the more power you had. Why do you think all of their statues and idols are made of gold? Green, the color of life, the evergreen tree (Christmas tree) symbolized that life can sustain itself through the harsh winter. Also, what comes after winter? Easter! They didn’t even change the name of this one. It’s named after the goddess Ēostre a Germanic Pagan goddess. What is Easter to you? To the Pagans, it’s the renewal of life after the winter. It’s a time when the Earth and life is re-born. It was a time for them to say “Fuck yeah, we made it.” The symbols, a rabbit and an egg. Rabbits are widely consider to be the animal that procreates the most. The Egg symbolizes life, being born. Yet, Christians want us to believe it’s about their savior rising from the dead…

No, I am not a Pagan. If you asked, I would tell you I’m Agnostic. I am not Atheist. Do I believe in God? No. There is no God but I do believe in the idea of God. I believe back when Christianity was invented, Pagans, barbarians, Heathens, etc. were wild people. They had no moral code. They raped, stole, killed and did as they pleased because they knew no better. A group stepped up that we would now call the church and basically told these people what they were doing was wrong. “Why is it wrong?” they asked. The church responded, “Because God said so…”. “Who is God?” “I’ll write it down for you.” Bam, the bible was born and over the years added to. The bible is basically the handbook for the moral codes we live by. It was and is necessary to keep people under control. Back then, there were no prisons to house people. If you didn’t want them to kill, you needed them to be afraid to kill.

While I believe in the idea of God, I loath the idea of religion. I live in the bible belt, in a town dominated by Southern Baptist and Pentecostals. You can spot them a mile away. They don’t cut or comb their hair (sometimes put it in a pony tail), no makeup….very earthy looking people. I see them breaking their own rules every time I walk into the grocery store. They claim to live by the book, this pure life. Yet, they don’t follow the book fully. I have read in the old testament that you must not wear clothing of differing fabrics. Meaning, if you wear blue jeans, everything you wear must be denham material. Yet here they are, Holier than Thou, wearing a jean skirt, leather shoes and a cotton shirt….fucking hypocrites.

Oh, don’t get me started with the Catholics….drunkenness is a sin brother….pass me another beer. Stand up, sit down….GET ON YOUR KNEES. Now shake that guys hand that’s been sneezing for the last 30 minutes and tell him nice things.

I have a Baptist joke….How do you stop a Baptist from drinking all your beer?…..Bring another Baptist! See, they can’t let another Baptist see them drink because that would be a sin…wait what?

Non-denominational? jaklfj ak l jfaldjlfk a  ghtj e iuaeh lekjfaklh!

All of them, hypocrites. Everyone of them. They pick and choose what to believe and what to ignore. Seems like an all or nothing deal to me. Either do what it says or go to hell. Not this do what you feel like and since you’re a “good person” we’ll let you in….God loves you.

I will say this, The Book of Revelations is probably one of the best Si-Fi novels I’ve ever read. I love that book and I may actually go to church if one would actually talk about it but they don’t, they ignore it for the most part.

What all this has to do with WOW? Blizzard nailed winter veil on the head. The one holiday I actually like in the lands of Azeroth. They have the santa guy with the gift getting….who doesn’t like gift getting. OMG, the goblins with their spin on how commercial Christmas is. Thumbs up Blizz….GG

P.S. I promise not to write about religion any more….until my daughter comes home telling me that the Easter eggs symbolizes Mary’s Placenta or something…

Tank Experiment: Update

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Just a short update on my experiment. I LOVE THE DK. I haven’t tanked on her yet but I did dps ramps….400dps vs 200 for the second place spot. I’m leveling her as un-holy right now and she totally fits the archetype of RPG characters I like. In most RPGs where I can customize my characters abilities, ie; oblivion, KotOR…I choose a warrior type and beef up something like fireball or in the case of KotOR, force lightning. With Death Coil, I have that built-in fire-ball. Something starts to run…death coil and it drops. Plus I get to yell “GET OVER HERE” ever time I death grip something….I know you do it too, stop judging me. I don’t have un-holy presence yet, but all the dots and AOE from un-holy plus blood presence means, I never have to stop to eat even after battling 4-5 mobs. I wasted an entire weekend with her doing BGs. That was some fun, foes just melting under my axe. I can definitely see why people complain about DKs. I am an unstoppable killing machine. I did gain a level in AB, but I think as a leveling tool, questing is much better still.

 Since 3.3 has dropped, I haven’t had as much time with her as I’d like and she’s just dinged level 61. The leveling seems to go fast and I fully expect to have her at least to northrend within a week or 2.

I re-made the paladin and he still sits at level 1, mostly because I’m loving the DK so much. He’ll be the first toon I pick up when I tire of the DK.

I did get the druid to 30 (or close to it). Same ole, same ole. Nothing really new here, still a killing machine in cat form but pretty fun to play but I have spent more time on him than the other classes so far. I’m going to give him a break, get the DK to northrend and catch the pally up before I continue with any leveling here.

In the coming weeks, now that we have the new LFG tool out, I plan to tank some level appropriate dungeons on each toon. Test the waters a bit, I guess. I’ll give updates as the runs happen.

That’s about all I have to report. I would like to thank Shawndra for her interest in the project. I’ll try to keep some short updates rolling in. Be on the look out for a posting coming up that will probably get me banned from the blogging world….hint: I bash christmas…

This infuriates me

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I’m pumped for Icecrown. I’m so tired of ToC / ToGC that I could scream every time I see it on the calendar. Tarsus knows what I’m saying. We need Icecrown now and by all reports from, it’s coming today.

That’s not what is making me mad though. Read some of the comments in this post. I’m a hardcore gamer…notice I say gamer, not raider. I play all games with the same hardcore, I want to completely dominate this thing mindset.

Zelda, I beat it in an hour. Fresh character to downing Ganon in 1 hour. I would have the white sword before I went in the first dungeon.

I never finished Oblivion because I min/max’d my fireball slinging warrior so thoroughly that nothing could kill me, the game actually became quite boring.

I beat Contra without the Konami Code. Yep, just 3 lives and I didn’t need them all.

I played and was ranked in Chess, Age of Empires and was captain of a Halo team that traveled to tournaments, put on tournaments and was ranked in 40’s (50 max level) on the MLG play list.

In Wow, my guild is ranked in the top 5,000 (at the time of this post) in the world. I’ve got my Ulduar 310% drake. We’re 3/5 in 25 ToGC.

The reason for the diatribe on my gaming history is to show, I am a hardcore gamer. I am competitive to the max. It’s not just in gaming, it’s in everything I do. I’m one of the best in my field. I was selected All-State from my soccer team in high school. We only won 3 games that year. I am still the only person to receive such honors and come from a team with a losing record.

I also have a job in which I put in 45 to 50 hours a week. I have a wife and 2 kids…4 and 5 years old. I do not have time in my day to play video games “18 hours a day”. I have set nights that I raid and I am extremely lucky to have such a wonderful and beautiful wife that “takes care of things” on my raid nights. My raid schedule at the moment; Tuesday 10 TOC, 10 Ony, 25 TOC, 25 Ony. We run 5 groups for 10 mans then combine into 1 25 man for Tuesday night. We begin at 7:30 and we’re done by 10. Thursday or Sunday 10 ToGC – we run 2 10 man ToGC raids. I usually lead the Thursday night raid, it begins at 8 and we’re done at 11 or 11:30. Friday night is ToGC 25 man. We spend from 8 to 11:30 getting our hacks in there.

8.5 to 10 hours a week raiding…that’s it. That’s all I do. Now explain to me why the commenters in this post seem to think that “hardcore” means raiding 18 hours a day?

The post itself is news most already know. In the comments hardcore raiders show up to bash the gated content. My stance on the gated content….it’s gay. It truly is Blizzard’s attempt to keep the hardcore raiders accounts active before Cataclysm releases. It happens every patch, hardcore go in, finish raid, cancel account until new content releases. Blizzard doesn’t like this because they lose money. Answer: “let’s not let them finish it for a while”. They can’t make the content too hard, then casuals won’t ever complete it. I don’t like it but it doesn’t affect me, I have yet to cancel my account even in the mist of the boring TOC raids we’ve been dealing with.

The subject of the article is not what’s got me angered though. It’s the idiot casuals in the comments. They’ve down rated every single hard core poster in the comments and are sighting things such as, you play 18 hours a day or it’s only fair because it lets less skilled guilds compete to clear content at the same rate as uber guilds….wait WTF? If you’re fucking less skilled, you don’t deserve to clear at the same rate as someone more skilled. You don’t, you’re not as good as them…that’s it, end of discussion.

In sport, if you lose, you go home you work harder than you did in hopes of winning next time. In raiding, it’s no different. When a hardcore gets his ass kicked in a raid, he looks at his gear, gems, enchants, etc. and sees if there’s room for improvement. Then he looks for new strats online, he watches videos of encounters, examines recount, WWS, etc. Apparently when a casual gets his ass kicked in a raid, he goes to the forums to bitch and complain about the raids being too hard. And complains hardcore raiders are making him look bad. Did I get this right?

My guild has casuals as well as hard core raiders. In my experience, the casuals log way more hours than the hard core raiders do. They have to, to complete all the holiday achievements or to make gold to get their 1,000 mounts or whatever it is.

Tank Experiment: Meet the tanks

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There’s 2 things I’ve learned since I began my wow career…ok more than 2 but 2 main reoccurring themes involving tanks.

  1. When a paladin talks about tanking and the spells he uses, I feel that he is talking in a foreign language. I understand Bears a bit better but DKs not having a shield is mind boggling.
  2. People argue a lot over what class is the best for tanking.

My answer to these issues are to do a study to put these issues to rest once and for all. That’s right, I’m leveling all of the tanking classes to the cap and plan to take a spin on each to see if I can learn a few things about how other tanks do business. Also, who knows, I may end up with a new main before it’s all said and done.


The Warrior

Mandalus is my warrior and 1 and only level 80 character. I have all of my raid experience logged on him and he has been prot from the get go.

The Death Knight

Mandylus has been around for a few months. I created her as a joke, one of my guildmates calls me Mandy all the time thinking it gets on my nerves. She is at level 58 and sitting in Outlands ATM.

The Druid

The druid, Mandabar, has been around for a few weeks and is level 26. He came about when I got the bright idea that I wanted the Insane title on Mandalus. I created a rogue to do the pickpocketing which I’m bored to death with now. Since I had all the leather BOA gear for him, I passed it to Mandabar and have been having a blast in Cat form, which is wierd because it’s just like playing a rogue….

The toon I never thought I'd create....Paladin

ATM, his name is Mandalite but after seeing the Shaqtus commercial last night during the Saints butt kicking of the Pats (WHO DAT BABY…WOOT!!!!). He will be renamed to Shaqtus, what a perfect name for an avoidance tank…I could /yell no-one touches the Shaqtus the entire raid, I wonder if they’d boot me.


So far I, of course, love the warrior. He will probably play a major roll, in some form or another, the rest of my wow career.

The DK is pretty fun to play. A lot of AOE and neat little abilities. The Runes get on my nerves a bit but so did rage when leveling the warrior, I’m guessing it’ll be better in a raid environment. Prediction: I will probably enjoy duel wield tanking but I haven’t read up on it to see if it’s viable again. The DK just feels like a dps class and not an epic tank at the moment.

So far, every raid tier I’ve had a piece of gear that just wouldn’t drop. Naxx and Uld. it was shields. Never could get a good one. I still remember tanking The General in 25 man with the Skull of Ruin. Druid feels like a warrior so far but at end game will have twice the HP and no shield drops to worry about. Sounds like a positive to me. Getting through the 20’s as bear was rough, I felt like I was a level 1 warrior with just Heroic Strike the entire time. With Cat now, it’s much more fun to play. I think out of all the toons, Druid will get to 80 first simply because I can go bear if I get bored with cat. Caster if I’m tired of melee or just go heal a dungeon. I would feel sorry for the party that I join to heal but that’s on them.

If I could pick one toon that has the best chance of not making 80….Palladin. Shaqtus is now 6th level and has no, zero, ziltch….not a damn offensive attack. Let me break down a 6th level paladin for you, go all judgemental with the light shit, get a coke….rinse repeat. Really, I though judgement of light or what ever it’s called was an offensive spell. It’s not, it’s a healing thing. The only way to do damage to a mob ATM is autoattack. I’m bored already and haven’t even gotten 10 on him yet. He’s lucky he’s got a badass LSU alum’s name or I’d can him now. That’s right, LSU fan / Saints fan…must be a Louisiana boy.