Week-in Raiding: Glory of the Ulduar Raider


1 Light in the Darkness: Complete

I had a rough week last week, wifey went afk with pneumonia and work decided that I should spent back to back 14 hour days grinding work stuff….something about them wanting to make money. Hence I was a no show on my own blog.

As you can see by the above picture, I am now a glorious ulduar raider! FBI has now defeated Yogg Saron with only Thorim to aid us. It was a tough fight, I died less than a second before Yogg did and I had 1 sanity left when I went down. I’m pretty proud of myself as I solo tanked the entire fight.

Phase 1 is pretty easy once everyone realises the movement speed and damage decrease from not having the extra keepers up. Basically I parked myself on top of Sara and taunted, heroic throw or used my ranged weapon to bring the adds to me. Once they were to me, dps started. Our dps was high enough to where I never had to deal with more than 2 adds at a time. The DPS also were on top of their game here, keeping away from the clouds. I could handle 1 extra add but if 2 clouds were popped, I had a lot of trouble keeping them under control and it usually wiped us.

I really hate phase 2, mostly because anyone not going in the portal feels useless. Yeah, kill the tentacles and what not but the entire raid is hanging on what 4 members can do in the brain room. It took us a couple of attempts to get past phase 2 because we had some melee that have never been in the brain room before. Once they go it figured out, it was smooth sailing into phase 3. The biggest thing for those killing the tentacles to do is stay close. We had a problem at first with people getting out of range of heals. I pretty much just floated around interrupting the coruptors and crushers.

It only took us 2 attempts to get phase 3 down. The first attempt, we kind of limped into with a couple people dead. Our second attempt was solid, everyone was around 70-80% sanity and the burn was on. Adds came out much faster than I was expecting but also died much faster than I remember in normal mode. I faced Yogg at bad times and got hit with the purple beams too often, leaving me with 1% sanity with Yogg at 10% HP. I called for dps to ignor the adds and full burn on Yogg at this point. I ended up going down with 5 adds on me with Yogg at 1%. The dps did their job and the healers kept them alive with adds running rampant.

In the end, I still like firefighter the best of all the hard modes. It’s the one fight that actually feels like a different fight in hard mode. When I do Mimiron regular mode now, it feels as if something is missing.

After 1 light and running outside to mount up and check out our new drakes.


The Rusted Protos

We continued on to Algalon. After an hour of learning and adjusting, we managed to get him to 30%. I have a feeling he’ll be biting the dust next week.

I’ve got a couple more post scheduled for this week. I found a pretty cool Tanking Survey and I’ve got some comments on the RMT pets blizzard is offering. Until then…good luck.


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