Tanking Stats – Part 1: Overview

Over at Achtung Panzercow Linedan asked “Hit Rating: How much is too little?”

The simple answer is, if you have enough threat, you have enough hit. To fully understand this statement, you need to understand tanking stats. Tanking stats boil down into 2 categories; survivability and Threat.


  • HIT







First the threat stats: Attack power is not a stat that’s going to show up on tank gear but I threw it on the list because strength gives us so much of it. Strength makes your hits deal more damage. Hit & Expertise go hand in hand as they increase your chance to make contact with a mob.

Survivability is broken into 3 categories; Avoidance, Effective Health and Mitigation. The king of avoidance is defense. Defense grants us 0.4% dodge, parry and miss for each point. Defense does not suffer from Diminishing Returns but the dodge and parry gained from defense do. Notice the miss, miss increases your chance to be missed by a mob and is not effected by DR. I call defense the king of avoidance because defense is the only way to get a mob to miss you and raises all of your avoidance stats simultaneously. This makes stacking defense over dodge or parry better because you are going to get more out of 1 point of defense. You won’t have 1 stat getting demolished by DR while another is neglected.

Most people dont’ understand Effective Health. They think effective health is stamina…you’re health bar. The thinking with an avoidance set is to not take damage. If you’re looking for an effective health set, you need to put as much stock into armor and block as you do stamina because the point of gearing for EH is to survive big hits, to absorb them. Armor and block take the edge off of a big hit. With raid buffs and after popping an armor pot I have over 35k armor. 35k armor on a 30k hit is going to mitigate 10k worth of damage. Instead of that hit taking 60% of my health (assuming 50K buffed HP) it’s only going to hit me for 40% meaning I can take another 30k hit and live.

Notice, Agility is in every category. 1 point of Agility grants a warrior 1 attack power and 2 armor. 73.5 Agi will raise your dodge 1% (minus DR) and 62.5 Agi will grant you 1% crit. Agility is not going give you a ton of stats in any category, it will give you a nice rounded set though. Putting it on you cloak in an avoidance set will give you a bit more threat and a bit more EH. Of course if you’re focusing on Avoidance, you should probably use the defense enchant instead.

This is a quick run down of tanking stats for any that are wondering. I will be following this post up with a break down on each stat / category, talking about consumables and about when to use EH / Avoidance / Threat enchants or gems.


4 Responses to “Tanking Stats – Part 1: Overview”

  1. So would u say a trink with 1700 defense is better than a dodge trink and stamina? And is stamina better than dodge?

    • There are a couple of factors that come into play here. I wouldn’t say I believe defense is always better than dodge. What you have to look at is how much dodge you currently have. Once you get around 30% dodge, dimenishing returns is going to become very noticable. In this case, you’d be better off picking up defense over straight dodge.

      As far as trinkets go, the normal ones I use are Glyph of Indomitability and Heart of Iron. (I am unlucky when it comes to trinkets, never being able to pick up King Llane or Satrina’s Scarab) Stam/armor trinkets both with an big dodge increase on use. Using both trinkets at the same time pretty much gives me an extra cooldown, making me pretty much un-hittable for a short time. Popping an Indestructible Potion with them will help out with any damage that was landed.

      On the flip side, I do keep Repeling Charge handy for extra defense when I see the need. The on use for it is pretty much a second Last Stand, increasing your health by 3000.

      On our early attempts at Saurfang, I used Repelling Charge with Fervor of the Frostborn. This gave me huge avoidance, plus the extra 3000 HP and an extra 7000 armor when used.

      To answer your question, I like to keep my dodge around 28-30% and defense around 550. After that, I’m stacking stamina and armor, favoring stamina over armor when possible.

      The kicker is, I hate just stam trinkets. The brewfest ones, Essence of Gossamer and Corroded Skeleton Key are garbage IMO. All they give is stamina. Where as The Black Heart, Corpse Tongue Coin and Unidentifiable Organ all have great procs or uses. I’m still debating about Sindragosa’s Flawless Fang, seems to be a good use if there’ll be a good bit of magic damage being thrown about.

  2. Thanks for the reply I just started tanking, lol I was about to purchase the corroded skeleton key but now I’m going to rethink it, the current trinks I use are icks rotting thumb and the black heart.

    • If you’re looking to purchase a trinket with emblems, I’d look at the glyph of Indomitability first. Coupled with black heart, you’ll have a couple of nice trinkets. Then you can start working towards a stam trinket to replace the glyph and an avoidance trinket for backup.

      Fever of the Frostborn seems to drop quite a bit in TOC 10 and is a top notch dodge trinket.

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