Week-In Raiding

**Week-in Raiding is planned to be a weekly post about raiding. I may chronicle new bosses my guild has cleared and diagnose a certain fight, go over any tank loot that dropped and talk about it a bit or just complain about the state of raiding**

FBI gets 10 man ToGC Achievements

FBI gets 10 man ToGC Achievements

Woot, dead bug! Big post this week, I’ve pretty much gotten a new set of armor the past couple weeks. My luck with drops has been unbelievable. Also, FBI makes another run into Ulduar.

We’ll start with ToGC. We’ve had the first 4 bosses in this place on farm since it came out. The Anub fight isn’t any harder than the rest of the dungeon, it just needs a bit more awareness and raid positioning. It’s a difficult fight but for a final boss in T9…I still think it’s a joke. Of course I’m sure healers will disagree. I know when those health bars drop below 20%, they start twitching and seizing. They can’t help it, throughout their wow careers they’ve been told to keep the health bars up. Now Blizzard being dirty has made a fight where everyone needs to have low health for the kill.

This is how we did it. Tank Anub’arak at the top of the room where he stands. The trick to this fight is that you only have 6 frost patches to work with. That means each player has to kite Anub for around 15 seconds. That means 6 players will be targeted and you hope a pally is one of them because saving 1 of those patches for phase 3 is a must. I would go into detail as to how we were kiting him during the burrow phases but….it didn’t work.

We instead realized that we could burn him down fast enough so that he only burrows once. The key in phase 1, get him to 60%. On most pulls, we got him to around 54%. He then burrows for phase 2, you kite him using as many frost patches as needed. Phase 1 repeats and you burn him to 30% putting him into phase 3.

So far, if you can burn him to 30% in 1 burrow phase, the fight isn’t much different then regular mode. When the Anub’arak tank gets a frost block, he’ll take quite a bit of damage but other than that, it’s an easy 2 phases.

Phase 3, Anub will cast leaching swarm on the raid. It’s a ticking debuff that takes a % of your health and heals Anub’arak. We found it works best with a druid just putting rejuv on everyone and letting their health fall, trying to keep them around 10%. We also had a Pally focused on the tanks and a priest healing through the other debuff that Anub randomly applies.  The big thing is, you must keep both tanks topped off. Phase 3 has some huge spike damage, it sort of lulls your healers to sleep then bam…dead tank.

We burned down the first 2 adds as they came up, then switched dps to Anub’arak. For DPS and tanks this is pretty much a tank and spank. Healers probably want to curl up in a corner sucking their thumbs after this fight but….it’s about time they have to work at a fight. Just make sure if you’re tanking this, keep your cooldowns handy. Shield wall, last stand, armor pots, dodge trinkets…what ever you have. Be ready to pop them if you get below 30%.

That’s about it for the fight, enjoy the kill.

As for gear, I got Breastplate of the White Knight crafted. I passed Chestplate of the Towering Monstrosity to another tank. I had another bang up week for gear getting Legguards of Feverish Dedication, Bulwark of the Royal Guard, Helm of Wrath and a trophy for Wrynn’s Pauldrons of Triumph. I’m pretty much done with gear now. In 2 weeks my gear score went from around 2650 to now 2868. I’m pumped but still looking for a weapon upgrade and a new trinket. Other than that, I’m done with gear until Ice Crown.

Also, we returned to 10 man Ulduar with a couple new healers to attempt to finish up our run for a rusted proto-drake. We cleared up to Mimiron and spent a couple hours on fire fighter to catch up those who haven’t gotten it. I was pleasantly surprised when we got to phase 3 on the second attempt. I don’t think it’s going to be as bad this time around, it’s all about execution now. Check back next week for my guide to the fire fighter achievement.


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