What’s wrong with Fury?

I read a post on WOW Insider last week. It talks about problems with Fury and how whirlwind should be a full blown AOE. The article was interesting….I guess. The comments are what got me, they’re absolutely obserd. Now, I’m not a Fury guy…I’m Prot through and through, but come on. The QQ is rediculous. Almost every comment starts off, the fury warrior in my guild…and ends with bottom 5. Did you ever stop to think that your fury warrior just sucks?

If we’re going by experiences, the fury warrior in my guild never finishes out of the top 5. It’s rutine to see him put up 8k on twins, 7k on Anub….it’s all relative to your situation. There’s nothing wrong with Fury, it’s the guy behind the keyboard. I wish I had some screen shots to show but our warrior has been AFK since the insider post was put up.

It’s just crazy how bad players can cause what seems like a huge part of the population to think a class needs buffing or good players can cause the inverse and make people think a class should be nerfed. I mess with my paladin co-tank all the time, telling him he’s OP when he does a good job. I chid him about how pallies need to be nerfed if I die and he’s able to lead the group to killing the boss without me. It’s a joke to us but it’s going to suck when he gets nerfed because of all the QQ.

Is it ever going to stop or is Blizzard just going to let bad players controll the game and the way they do things? How are the fury warriors in your raids? Is mine just gifted or are fury warriors fine?


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