Is WOW too Easy?

The question was asked on at Pink Pigtail Inn and Casual Hardcore. I figured I could add my 2 cents to this topic. From the sounds of it my guild, FBI, is a just a bit ahead of  Larisa’s guild and a good bit ahead of Kyrilean’s guild in progression. Larisa asked who has yet to kill Yogg in 25 man. My guild hasn’t. Does that mean wow is too hard, not at all.

I believe my guild is a bit above average as far as skill goes. Usually, we’ll take a few attempts to get a boss down but once we get him down, he’s on farm. It took us 50 attempts to kill Mimiron our first time, since that first kill, I can count the number of wipes on 1 hand.

I don’t believe the problem with Wrath content is the difficulty. I think it’s the timing. A lot of guilds had Naxx content “on farm” far too long. FBI saw it, we had many of our core group quit the game or leave the raid team to focus more on PVP. When Ulduar was released it took us a couple weeks to actually get in there. We didn’t have enough raiders geared for it because of all the attrition. So, issue #1, Naxx was the king raid too long.

FBI and a lot of other guilds on Hellscream could easily clear Naxx 25 in 3 to 4 hours. It became our adopted schedule….7 to 11 CST, 3 nights a week. We get into Ulduar and each boss was a challenge to get the first 2 kills, after that each was relegated to farm status. This is where Ulduar’s problem arises. I don’t know a single guild that can clear it in one night. When we hit the 4 hour mark we are just getting to or have just killed the last keeper. That leaves 2 bosses for the next raid, some times we can get the group back together, sometimes it just doesn’t work. Finding PUGs to help with 2 bosses, especially 2 bosses that your guild has never killed, is extremely difficult and really not fair to ask of a PUG to begin with.

Ulduar has a second problem, TOC…It just feels like TOC came out too soon. We were just getting to the point where we were ready to put some solid attempts on Yogg when TOC dropped. Now you post TOC 25 on the calendar and 30 people sign up, try posting Uld 25 on the calendar and you’re lucky if you get 15. We now have Uld 25 on farm, minus Yogg…we can not get enough people into Ulduar to work on Yogg though. Our GM is trying his hardest too, putting Uld before TOC and not allowing those who didn’t go to Uld to run TOC…sounds good but doesn’t work. They still won’t go to Uld and sit and wait for us to be short for TOC then offer to help. I personally want these types kicked from the guild and us to just focus on 10 mans but the GM doesn’t want that. He wants to raid 25s, so we’re stuck at an impasse.

Onto TOC, 25 man TOC is a joke. Hands down, easy. We got beast first night, Jar Jar 1st night, Champions in 2nd week, Twins 1 shot 1st night and Anub down the 1st week. We even got a server 1st on the worms, we weren’t trying for the achievement we just figured that’s the best way to kill them. Then we shift our focus to hard modes, TBH, our 25 man raid team is not good enough for hard modes. We couldn’t get them in Naxx or Ulduar and TOGC is no different. So basically in 25 man all we have to do is kill Yogg and we have nothing else that we’re able to do.

We do focus on hard modes in 10 mans though, atm we are 4/5 in ToGC and 13/14 in Ulduar. We need 1 light, Starcaller, and Anub to finish off our goals in 10 man stuff.

To summarize, I think the only rotten egg in Wrath is TOC. It came out too quickly for most guilds to get Ulduar on farm status and presented no challenge at all. I really believe that Ice Crown will give a lot of guilds a wake up call when it comes to difficulty. Most stam stacking tanks I see have between 45 and 50k HP with raid buffs and I can’t wait to see what the bosses of ICC are going to do to deplete that pool. On the flip side, I hope  ICC takes long enough to come out so I can get my rusted-proto drake before they are removed.


4 Responses to “Is WOW too Easy?”

  1. I wrote on the exact same subject earlier regarding ToC. For me too it’s what killing WoW right now.. it’s depressing really that the end game has become this one boring and easy place.

  2. What can I say? It’s sad to see. That so many people are just raiding for the gear and not for the raiding experience as such. They prefer to be bored with easy content as long as the loot is right for them.

  3. We’re definitely not as far as you or Larisa. In some ways I wish we were, but unfortunately the guilds I belonged to that were capable of that were also rampant with drama and I couldn’t take it anymore.

    I agree with you that Naxx was out way too long and ToC came out way too early. And I have to wonder if I’d be complaining as much if I’d finished Yogg? Probably not, although I’d be laughing at how much of a joke regular ToC is. Then again, if I’d completed Yogg25 I’d probably have a guild working on heroic anyway.

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